Winters Barns Photography


Photographed by Nicholas Hill

Danielle & Glenn’s Wedding

My name is Nicholas Hill and my Winters Barns Photography has been developed over the many years I have spent covering this beautiful Kent Venue. I live only 15 minutes away from Winters Barns and so I consider it one of my local wedding venues.

Having met with Danielle and Glenn I could not resist the temptation of covering their wedding. Despite being my birthday I wanted to ensure the lovely couple got the wedding photography they deserved and so I spent my birthday at their wedding.

Getting Ready

Wedding Details

I like to start my Winters Barns Photography by making sure that all the bridal details have been photographed properly. I take my time with each item from the wedding dress, shoes, and flowers. If the weather is favourable I like to take these beautiful items outside and photograph them around the grounds.

Winters Barns Photography Bridal Prep

Bridal Preparation

The Bride

Winters Barns Photography benefits from the use of a dedicated bridal suite in which Danielle and her bridesmaids were busily getting ready.

Danielle had employed a dedicated hair and makeup stylist which always ensure that the bride has a professional look and finish. It is wonderful to watch the transformation into stunning bride.

I like to take advantage of a busy room to ensure that my storytelling photography is natural and yet beautiful. It is nice when the bride is ready in plenty of time. It ensures we have plenty of time for the first reveal when the Father of the Bride gets to see his daughter for the first time.

Winters Barns Photography Bridal Prep

Groom Preparation

The Groom

It is common for the groom to arrive in plenty of time for his Winters Barns Photography. Glenn and his groomsmen got ready in the bridal suite where the couple were due to stay that evening.

I like to make sure that Matthew joins the boys early on. It allows him to take plenty of candid photography, followed by a few nice portraits outside.

The buttonholes are a very important part of the groom prep and we ensure we are always there to capture the moment.

Winters Barns Photography Groom Prep

Winters Barns

The Ceremony

The indoor ceremony room works very well for Winters Barns Photography. As Danielle left her bridal prep room I was well positioned to photograph the bridal party as they made there way to the main barn.

I always position myself at the top of the room in order to photograph the bride as she escorted down the aisle by her Father. The stage at the front is elevated and well suited to Winters Barns Photography.

It is the intimate moments as well as the storytelling that works so well when photographing a wedding ceremony. It is the role of Matthew to capture the ceremony from a different perspective. At Winters Barns that means being at the back of the ceremony hall.

Winters Barns Photography Wedding Ceremony

Winters Barns

The Reception

When the weather is good there is no place better for Winters Barns Photography than outside. The gardens are beautifully enclosed to offer added protection from the wind.

As the guests move around enjoying a champagne reception and canapés we will circulate with the guests capturing the candid storytelling moments. These are the pictures a bride and groom will get to enjoy looking back on after the wedding to relive the day.

Winters Barns Photography Wedding Reception

Winters Barns

The Formals

The outdoor space at Winters Barns Photography has the benefit of a covered area. This is used for outdoor ceremonies and if the sun is strong I like to use it to shade the bridal party for the formal photographs.

There is nothing worse than subject someone to squinting for a portrait because of harsh sunlight. Under the cover of the outside barn the guests were able open their eyes and thus the pictures look good.

Winters Barns Photography Wedding Formals

Winters Barns

The Portraits

The weather was changing quickly during the course of the day. Danielle and Glenn were keen to get some portraiture done during the afternoon incase it rained. I agreed and we headed out around the grounds for their Winters Barns Photography portraiture.

There are so many locations around winters barns in which to take a couple for their portraits. Danielle and Glenn had taken advantage of a pre-shoot and felt very relaxed on the day when it came to their wedding photography.

We were able to be very efficient with time and every minute saved is more time the bride and groom get to spend with their wedding guests.

Winters Barns Photography Wedding Portraits

Winters Barns

The Breakfast Room

I am very drawn to the wonderful barn setting and the Winters Barns Photography we are able to capture for the couple. It is essential for us to get access to the room before the wedding guests are seated. We will photograph all the beautiful details. We also make sure we photograph the entire room so that in years to come a bride and groom will remember their wedding day with as much detail as possible.

Winters Barns Photography Wedding Breakfast

Winters Barns

Wedding Speeches

The wedding speeches were after the wedding breakfast and Winters Barns Photography definitely benefits from a strong opening speech by the Father of the Bride.

Danielle’s Father was fantastically funny and immediately won over the entire audience with wonderful stories of Danielle growing up and the wonderfully quirky things she would get up.

Glenn was a proud groom and paid wonderful praise of this new wife. We went on to thank everyone for coming.

Great wedding speeches will make everyone laugh, cry, and the groom slightly nervous if the best man speech is delivered just right!

Winters Barns Photography Wedding Speeches

Winters Barns

First Dance & Cake Cutting

There is a wonderful corner in which to place the Wedding Cake. It allows all the wedding guests an opportunity to admire the beautiful design and lovingly crafted cake.

I always ensure the cake is properly lit for the cutting and will normally explain to the bride and groom the process by which they cut the cake!

Danielle and Glenn had visited with a local dance studio in order to prepare for their first dance. It always elevates the photography of a first dance when a couple have confidence to dance in front of all their wedding guests.

Winters Barns Photography Wedding Cake and Dance

Winters Barns


The disco dance floor at Winters Barns Photography is a lovely large space. It really allows your guests to get up and have proper dance. As the evening plays out and people let their hair down we are able to take wonderfully fun photographs of people strutting their well practiced and sometimes not so practiced moves on the dance floor.

Winters Barns Photography Wedding Disco