Russets Country House Photography


Photographed by Nicholas Hill

Siobham & Gavin’s Wedding

My name is Nicholas Hill and produce professional Russets Country House Photography. I have had the privilege of covering many hundreds of weddings over the years. Occasionally I get asked to do something a little different and for me that was the wedding of Siobhan and Gavin.

The couple were so very relaxed about their wedding photography and really wanted to be able to just relax and enjoy the wedding without too much formality.

Siobhan and Gavin were very keen for my photography to tell a candid story of their wedding day as it unfolded. I love the intimate nature of Russets Country House Photography during winter and the joy of a Christmas Wedding.

Getting Ready

Wedding Details

The always begin my Russets Country House Photography by spending time capturing the details that are so important to a bride and groom. The wedding dress, shoes, and flowers always look beautiful and are pristine first thing in the morning.

The weather was warm for December with beautiful blue skies. In the middle of winter daylight is in short supply so getting outside was a bonus. It always elevates Russets Country House Photography when I can take advantage of the lovely surrounding grounds.

Russets Country House Photography Bridal Prep

Bridal Preparation

The Bride

I joined Siobhan and her bridesmaids for their Russets Country House Photography nice and early. As the girls prepared for the day I went about telling their story.

Siobhan was very keen to do her own makeup but did employ the services of a hairstylist to give her that professional salon look. The girls look stunning and the bridesmaids completed the bride perfectly.

Russets Country House Photography Bridal Prep

Groom Preparation

The Groom

Matthew joined Gavin at the pub. The groomsmen were already dressed and ready for the wedding when he arrived. Matthew spent an hour candidly storytelling the morning with the boys.

Once Gavin and his groomsmen moved to Russets Country House Photography focused on the details of buttonholes.

Russets Country House Photography Groom Prep

Russets Country House

The Ceremony

The ceremony room is a very short walk for the bride and with all the guests seated Siobhan was escorted by her Father. I love the intimacy of Russets Country House Photography as it has the feeling of a family home rather than a stately home.

Despite the space being rather tight I was able to find a spot from which to capture the ceremony. The intimacy of the wedding venue is unique and the photography reflected this very nicely.

Russets Country House Photography Wedding Ceremony

Russets Country House

The Reception

Siobhan and Gavin’s winter wedding meant it was too cold and dark for their wedding reception to be held outside. Russets Country House Photography is a specialist skill as the indoor ambient lighting requires the use of flash photography. We are very skilled at lighting venues where no available lighting exists.

Matthew likes to circulate around the reception room capturing moments between guests. It is lovely to photograph guests as they chat and laugh whilst drinking their champagne.

Russets Country House Photography Wedding Reception

Russets Country House

The Formals

Siobhan and Gavin were adamant that they did not want the formality of the photography to take away from their time enjoying the wedding reception. The couple provided me with a list of just six formal pictures they wanted. It helps with Russets Country House Photography to have a couple of spare copies of the required pictures. I like to enlist the help of the ushers in rounding up family members, by doing so we can minimise the time needed to get the job done.

Russets Country House Photography Wedding Formals

Russets Country House

The Portraits

During the summer months Russets Country House Photography really benefits from getting outside around the lovely grounds. During the winter months it is necessary to keep things inside or as close to the house as possible.

Siobhan and Gavin were not worried about having portraits but I persuaded them to have a few candid pictures. We used the front of the house for 10 minutes and managed to capture some lovely pictures of the two of them.

I took advantage of my second photographer as we needed to use off camera lighting to ensure the portraits looked good. Matthew moved the lighting whilst I concentrated on the couple.

Russets Country House Photography Wedding Portraits

Russets Country House

Wedding Speeches

The wedding speeches at Russets Country House Photography was a very informal affair. As there was no sit down evening meal they took place standing on the steps.

Myself and Matthew positioned our lighting so as to properly cover the steps. I concentrated on the speaker and the immediate family who were there. Matthew was responsible for capturing the reactions of the guests.

Russets Country House Photography Wedding Speeches

Russets Country House

First Dance & Cake Cutting

Tucked in a little corner of Russets was wedding cake. The couple decided to wait and cut the cake later in the evening once everyone was enjoying the dancing.

Siobhan and Gavin were happy to start the dancing of the evening by asked their guests to immediately join them on the dance floor. The couple had appointed a real bank to perform and this always elevates any wedding having live music.

Russets Country House Photography Wedding Cake and Dance

Russets Country House


An evening full of drink and merriment is always going to result in fun photography. All the guests were in fine form and with Christmas just a couple of days away I found they were full of festive cheer.

Myself and Matthew take it in turns to work the dance floor taking fun candid pictures of guests as they strike a pose for the camera.

Russets Country House Photography Wedding Disco