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Leigh & Jonathan

Photographed by Nicholas Hill

Leigh and Jonathan's Wedding

“I consider late spring and early summer a magical time in which to get married, your Lympne Castle Photography becomes elevated. Leigh and Jonathan were always going to be special for me as their wedding was just two weeks before mine at the very same Lympne Castle. It is so lovely that each wedding I get to photograph is unique, in the same way that mine proved to be.”

Getting Ready

Wedding Details

It is so important for me as that Lympne Castle Photography captures the finer details of the day as well at the bigger moments we all expect. The flowers, rings, and even the choice of socks can be equally worthy of a thoughtful photograph. I tend to put time into setting up the rings as well as ensuring that nothing important is missed.

Lympne Castle Photography Wedding Details

Bridal Preparation

The Bride

Leigh decided to stay and the ever popular and newly refurbished Hythe Imperial Hotel. It is located just 10 minutes from the Lympne Castle and offers an excellent selection of suites and rooms for the bride party to get ready in.

Leigh had a lovely sized suite which allowed everyone to get ready with being too tight for space. All the bridesmaids were very relaxed and the girls had a good time having their hair and makeup dome in preparation for the wedding. It always elevates the day and makes Lympne Castle Photography easier when the bridesmaids are all wearing matching dressing gowns. The emotion between Leigh and her Father was visible when David got to see his daughter beautifully dressed up for the first time. With eight bridesmaids it was nice to get a picture of all the girls together outside of the Hythe Imperial before departing by car to Lympne Castle for the wedding.

Lympne Castle Photography Bridal Prep

Groom Preparation

The Groom

In the morning it is common for Matthew my second photographer to spend a couple of hours with the Groom in the run up to the ceremony. We tailor the photography to the needs of the couple. On this day Jonathan wanted to meet Matthew at Lympne Castle for pictures with his groomsmen. It is nice to ensure we tell story from the perspective of the bride and the groom. We like to ensure that buttonholes and cufflinks make for good pictures.

Lympne Castle Photography Groom Portraits

Lympne Castle

The Ceremony

The West Drawing room at Lympne Castle is simply magnificent. The room features a real working stone fireplace and huge bay window which overlooks the English Channel. As a Lympne Castle Wedding Photographer the window provides the perfect light in which to capture the ceremony perfectly.

Leigh arrived at the castle with plenty of spare time to meet with the registrars. The layout of Lympne Castle allows for the bride to arrive without any of the guests to see her arrive. Upon arrival Leigh met with the registrars in Harrys Room before being escorted by her Father up the aisle to a very proud and patient Jonathan.

The ceremony can be a very a emotional time and it is often the case that a tear or two is shed. A groom will often cry at the emotion of seeing his beautiful bride for the first time.

Lympne Castle Photography Wedding Ceremony

Lympne Castle

The Reception

The terrace garden at Lympne Castle is the perfect place in which to host your wedding reception. With magnificent views out across the English Channel on a clear day you can see for 20 miles. Guests can mingle whilst enjoying canapés whilst listening to music. The large outdoor space makes it easy for us as Lympne Castle Wedding Photographer to move around capturing candid moments as they happen.

Lympne Castle Photography Groom Portraits

Lympne Castle

The Formals

The front courtyard is perfect for any Lympne Castle Wedding Photographer to position and setup the formal photography required. Whilst the formals can seem a little, well formal they are important especially to parents and grandparents. These days it becomes harder and harder to get everyone together whilst dressed up. I am often asked to take a picture of all the guests, the best way is from one of the upper castle windows whilst overlooking the courtyard in the castle.

Lympne Castle Photography Groom Portraits

Lympne Castle

The Portraits

Working as a Lympne Castle Wedding Photographer I am always drawn to the beautiful grounds. The gardens are the perfect setting for any couple looking to capture beautiful and natural portraits. In May the Wisteria is at its peak and makes for a beautiful background for any portrait. I like to ensure that the portraits are also storytelling. I think it is so important to provide portraits that show the context in which they were taken. Portraits that show the bride and groom with the castle in the background are simply perfection.

Lympne Castle Photography Wedding Portraits

Lympne Castle

The Breakfast Room

One of the big attractions for getting married at Lympne Castle is the grandeur of The Great Hall. The rich wood panelling and large arch windows makes every guest feel special. There is a huge fireplace that looks beautiful when decorated. The Great Hall features a stunning medieval chandelier. The room once filled with decorated tables and chairs become a venue worthy of any banquet. We like to ensure we capture all the little attentions to detail that you feature around the room and castle.

Lympne Castle Photography Groom Portraits

Lympne Castle

Wedding Speeches

For me working as a Lympne Castle Wedding Photographer I find the speeches are a very special opportunity to capture the moments and reactions perfectly. A set great wedding speeches will produce tears, laugher, and a little well placed embarrassment at the grooms expense. Working with a second photographer allows me to ensure that I can focus on the top table whilst Matthew captures the reactions of the guests. The Great Hall at Lympne Castle has a very flexible layout that allows for the tables to be arrange in an array of different configurations.

Lympne Castle Photography Groom Portraits

Lympne Castle

First Dance & Cake Cutting

In the evening I am of the opinion that The Great Hall becomes even more grand. It is very easy to appreciate the warmth of the fire and wood panelling. I ensure that the lighting we use at night complements the ambience of the occasion and we are able to capture the romance whilst still ensuring the bride and groom are perfectly illuminated. I do enjoy the tradition of the Father and Daughter dance too.

Lympne Castle Photography Groom Portraits

Lympne Castle


As a photographer I do enjoy staying a little later into the evening. It allows us to capture the joy of everyone letting their hair down and having a good dance. Lympne Castle can accommodate small bands very well too. There is something very special about live music. The acoustics of the Great Hall are perfectly suited to a band.

Lympne Castle Photography Groom Portraits

Lympne Castle

Photo Booth

Our Photo Booth is a great accompaniment to any evening celebrations. It is fits in perfectly in the entrance all of Lympne Castle and allows your guests to have a huge amount of fun. Our setup means thats many people can use it. It is perfect for pictures with school friends.

Lympne Castle Photography Groom Portraits

Lympne Castle

Wedding Sparklers

I try to encourage couples to consider having a fun sparkler shot in the evening. They are a perfect way of getting a romantic picture to close out your wedding album.

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