Little Hermitage Photography


Photographed by Nicholas Hill

Danielle & Sean’s Wedding

My name is Nicholas Hill and I have had the pleasure of covering many Little Hermitage Photography weddings. The venue comprises of an elegant 18th Century Georgian Manor House in the hear of Kent. It is very well positioned to the Medway towns and access from London is very convenient being just a few minutes from the A2.

Getting Ready

Wedding Details

I always begin my Little Hermitage Photography with the bridal details. It is important to take my time when photographing the wedding dress, shoes and other small details that mean so much to a bride. If the weather is good then I like to take the shoes and flowers outside to photograph in the settings of the Little Hermitage.

Little Hermitage Photography Bridal Prep

Bridal Preparation

The Bride

When I arrived with Danielle to begin her Little Hermitage Photography the bridal party were busy getting settled into the dedicated bridal preparation room. The layout for the bridal prep is excellent with the suite being located directly above the ceremony room and hidden away from any of the guests.

Little Hermitage Photography Bridal Prep

Groom Preparation

The Groom

My second photographer Matthew joined Sean and his groomsmen at their home in Rochester. It is important to me as a wedding photographer to ensure that we tell both sides of the story.

Matthew likes to ensure he captures the grooms details as well as the playful banter as the boys get ready. Before they headed over to the venue for their Little Hermitage Photography the grooms party went to local pub. This is a great opportunity for us to get very candid storytelling pictures.

Little Hermitage Photography Groom Prep

Little Hermitage

The Ceremony

Little Hermitage Photography is very well suited to smaller wedding parties looking for an intimate venue. When the weather is lovely it is so nice for the couple to get married outdoors.

Unfortunately the weather was a little too changeable and the venue reverted back to an indoor ceremony. Danielle was escorted down the aisle by her very proud Father.

Sean was beaming all day, but none greater than the moment he saw his beautiful bride for the first time in her stunning wedding dress. The civil ceremony lasted about 25 minutes with two beautiful readings from the family.

Little Hermitage Photography Wedding Ceremony

Little Hermitage

The Reception

Little Hermitage Photography benefits from the reception been able to be held outdoors. The weather had cleared up and everyone headed outside for champagne. We enjoy taking advantage of your guests enjoying themselves to capture many great storytelling pictures.

Little Hermitage Photography Wedding Reception

Little Hermitage

The Formals

The formal part of our Little Hermitage Photography always looks great when we can get outdoors. It is important that we position the family members so they are comfortable and out of the sun.

At Little Hermitage we are able to use the shade from the house to ensure the formals look good. I always bring additional copies of the group list to ensure that we are able to utilise the help of the ushers in rounding people up.

Little Hermitage Photography Wedding Formals

Little Hermitage

The Portraits

The lovely settings of Little Hermitage Photography ensure that we have plenty of opportunity to produce beautiful portraits. Danielle and Sean looked the part of a young couple very much in love.

In the evening we took advantage of the grandeur of the building to produce some wonderful night portraits. I like the opportunity to work in colour as well as black and white.

Little Hermitage Photography Wedding Portraits

Little Hermitage

The Breakfast Room

The wedding breakfast is always served in the same room as the ceremony with the turnaround happening during the wedding reception. Little Hermitage Photography benefits from the lovely light coloured walls which allow us to bounce any additional light we need for photographing the breakfast details.

It is important that Matthew gets access to the breakfast room before your guests are seated. It allows us to properly photograph your little attentions to detail and the room as a whole before your guests sit down and start to eat and drink.

Little Hermitage Photography Wedding Breakfast

Little Hermitage

Wedding Speeches

Danielle Father Graham began the proceeding by beginning the speeches before the wedding breakfast. In my experience Little Hermitage Photography can benefit from the speeches going first. If people are a little nervous about speaking then it allows then to get it out the way before the meal with worrying all the way through their food.

As a wedding photographer my job is to record the moments as they happen. The interactions between the guests and the family members. I found the toast that Sean gave to Danielle and her tears as he spoke to be one of the most heartfelt moments I have experienced during Little Hermitage Photography.

Little Hermitage Photography Wedding Speeches

Little Hermitage

First Dance & Cake Cutting

The cake cutting and first dance took place in the wedding breakfast room at the Little Hermitage. The top table is removed for the evening and Danielle and Sean enjoyed their first dance.

Little Hermitage Photography Wedding Cake and Dance