Knowlton Court Photography


Photographed by Nicholas Hill

Laura & William’s Wedding

My name is Nicholas Hill and I think Knowlton Court Photography to be one of the lesser known venues in Kent. The venue only hosts around 25 weddings a year and so when I get an opportunity to photograph here it is always a welcome change.

Laura and William came to me with a very clear idea of the photography they wanted. I was asked to concentrate on the documentary style of storytelling. The couple were not too worried about portraits and wanted to ensure they got to spend as much of their time with their family and friends.

Laura & William’s Thoughts


“Thank you Nick for being our photographer on our wedding day! We certainly had lots of fun on the day, and we really loved the photos that you took for us! They are stunning, timeless, and classy! When we look back at them years later, we are certain that these photos will certainly bring back the beautiful memories and atmosphere that we had on our day!”

Getting Ready

Wedding Details

As with all weddings I start my Knowlton Court Photography with the bridal details. The wedding dress, shoes, and flowers are the beautiful and personal details that make each couple standout.

The bridal suite at Knowlton Court Photography is brightly lit by the windows but as you step back into the room it gets dark quickly. I always bring some additional lighting to bridal prep in case of just such occasions.

I was able to use the four poster bed to good effect. The flowers were delivered and waiting outside where I was able to photograph them on the grass before a quick shower passed over.

Knowlton Court Photography Bridal Prep

Bridal Preparation

The Bride

I joined Laura and her bridesmaids around 2 hours before the wedding ceremony. This allows me to spend plenty of time photographing the final details of Laura whilst she has her makeup and hair touches completed.

Laura was joined by three bridesmaids all dressed in a rich green coloured outfits. The girls were ready in plenty of time and after Laura’s Father got to have a first reveal we headed outside. It is always nice to get time to photograph the bride with her bridesmaids and her parents before the ceremony commences.

Knowlton Court Photography Bridal Prep

Groom Preparation

The Groom

William was joined by his two best men. The boys all arrived dressed ready for their Knowlton Court Photography. Matthew joined the boys and with plenty of time before the wedding ceremony commenced. It is nice to get some portraits of the groom and groomsmen. We also try to ensure that we are there when the button holes arrive and as they make great photographs.

Knowlton Court Photography Groom Prep

Knowlton Court

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony for Knowlton Court Photography was timed to perfection. The weather had been on and off all morning. Just before Laura walked down the aisle the clouds parted and we were all treated to beautiful blue skies.

The wedding Gazebo at Knowlton Park Photography works well for an outdoor wedding ceremony. The couple are sheltered from the sun and with the rich green of the bank and hedging behind it elevates the wedding photography.

Laura and William walked back down the aisle to a rousing round of applause and cheer. It was not long after the wedding ceremony that the skies clouded back over again.

Knowlton Court Photography Wedding Ceremony

Knowlton Court

The Reception

The drinks for the wedding reception at Knowlton Court Photography was held inside the main house. Most of the guests continued to mingle outside where Matthew was able to capture and photograph the guests candidly as they mingled. I always enjoy the storytelling aspect of the wedding reception photographs. Many of the guests are not even aware we are taking their pictures.

Knowlton Court Photography Wedding Reception

Knowlton Court

The Formals

The formals at Knowlton Court Photography were relatively straightforward as the cloud cover provides excellent light which is not too contrasty for the subjects being photographed. When the sun is harsh often people can be left squinting if taken into the direct sunlight.

I will always produce a few extra copies of the formal photography list. Usually with the aid of the ushers we are able to get people rounded up as efficiently as possible. This ensures that no time is wasted for the bride and groom.

Knowlton Court Photography Wedding Formals

Knowlton Court

The Portraits

Laura and William were not too concerned about having Knowlton Court Photography portraits but I always suggest that we take a few. We headed out around the beautiful grounds for 10 minutes before the wedding breakfast and produced some very lovely pictures. On reflection the bride and groom were very happy that I had encouraged them to have a portrait session.

Knowlton Court Photography Wedding Portraits

Knowlton Court

The Breakfast Room

The wedding breakfast at Knowlton Park was running late due to some difficulties with one of the suppliers. It is never normally a problem that is seen by the wedding party and we even managed to work around the staff as they finished off the tables and photograph the wedding breakfast details. it is important to us as photographers that we get as many storytelling pictures as possible.

Knowlton Court Photography Wedding Breakfast

Knowlton Court

Wedding Speeches

Laura and William decided to do things slightly differently by having a speech between each course. It was also nice to see the bride Laura standup and give a fantastic speech.

Williams best men gave joint best man speech. The two young men were initially very nervous but quickly found confidence with the support of the audience. There were some very funny moments with reference to Williams very geeky love of all things technical.

Knowlton Court Photography Wedding Speeches

Knowlton Court

First Dance & Cake Cutting

The evening at Knowlton Court Photography moves into an adjacent room used for the indoor reception. The evening started with a rather fun and slight saucy version of Mr and Mrs in which the couple had to answer questions about who was more likely to do something. The answers were so funny along with everyone’s reactions.

The couple had elected to have a cake cutting followed immediately by first dance. This is always nice as the couple have then got all the formality of the day completed and out of the way before the disco really gets going.

Knowlton Court Photography Wedding Cake and Dance

Knowlton Court


I love the disco. Myself and Matthew will take turns covering the dance floor. We tend to find that the disco goes through phases of being busy and then quiet. It normally takes one great song to get the entire wedding party up and rocking!!

Knowlton Court Photography Wedding Disco