Knowle Country House Photography


Photographed by Nicholas Hill

Vicky & Duncan’s Wedding

My name is Nicholas Hill and I have been providing Knowle Country House Photography for many years. It is not hard to see the attraction of such a beautiful wedding venue. When I met with Vicky and Duncan they made it very clear that they did not take themselves too seriously. The remit for their wedding was that it be all about fun. Vicky is a great example of a bride who loves to be silly at every opportunity. It always makes a great day when you get to be part of such joy.

Getting Ready

Wedding Details

I always begin my Knowle Country House Photography with the wedding details. Every bride has put a lot of thought into her choice of wedding dress, bridal shoes, and flowers.

Vicky was a practical girl who wanted to be comfortable in her shoes and being taller than Duncan felt it would be polite to stay in flats. The choice of Converse trainers is a very common choice of bridal footwear these days. Bride will often choose them to change into in the evening.

Knowle Country House Photography Bridal Prep

Bridal Preparation

The Bride

I joined Vicky and her Sister nice and early to begin their Knowle Country House Photography. Vicky had asked a good friend to provide hair and makeup. It is always a good idea to get someone else to take care of getting a professional finish for the bridal party.

Vicky had her daughter with her for the bridal prep. Lilly was one of three very important flower girls. Lilly was also responsible for the rings too.

It is always a nice touch when the brides Mother helps with the final touches. Vicky’s mum helped with the shoes and jewellery, her bridesmaid with the dress and makeup artist with the veil.

Knowle Country House Photography Bridal Prep

Groom Preparation

The Groom

Duncan was very relaxed when Matthew arrived to meet the groom. Duncan had chosen to have his Father as his best man. The groom arrived in good time for the start of his Knowle Country House Photography. Matthew photographed as Duncan’s mother applied the finished touches and buttonholes.

Knowle Country House Photography Groom Prep

Knowle Country House

The Ceremony

Knowle Country House Photography is at it’s best when the wedding ceremony is held outdoors. Every wedding I have covered has always managed to be outdoors and it really is a beautiful Summer Gazebo in which to tie the knot.

Duncan was beaming with pride and he watched Vicky walk from the main house. Vicky was accompanied by her Father, they both enjoyed taking centre stage.

The wedding ceremony was full of joyous cheer and the bride and groom both had permanent smiles etched across their faces. Lilly had the very important job of presenting the wedding rings to Vicky and Duncan.

Knowle Country House Photography Wedding Ceremony

Knowle Country House

The Reception

The weather continued to be very pleasant as all the guests enjoyed drinking champagne and eating canapés. I consider the Knowle Country House Photography to be another very important part of the day.

Matthew will typically mingle with the guests as they chat and laugh. It makes it very easy for us to take pictures of all your guests as they enjoy themselves. Often people are not even aware we are taking their picture.

Knowle Country House Photography Wedding Reception

Knowle Country House

The Formals

Vicky and Duncan were very clear that they only wanted a few Knowle Country House Photography formal pictures. Despite a short list I always bring a few extra copies. It is good to use the knowledge of the wedding ushers to help round people up as required for their photographs.

If the sun is very bright I will move people into the shade of the house to ensure no one is squinting for the camera. I always try to ensure the formals run as smoothly as possible. This allowed Vicky and Duncan the maximum amount of time to enjoy the company of their wedding guests.

Knowle Country House Photography Wedding Formals

Knowle Country House

The Portraits

During the summer months there can be few places better for Knowle Country House Photography than by the lake. It is always nice to make use of the beautiful willow trees that surround the waters edge.

Vicky and Duncan did not want to take things too seriously but I explained that the romance of the wedding day is always told through the story of their pictures. Vicky said she could probably be sensible for 15 minutes.

The bride and groom had previous taken advantage of my pre-wedding session which provided them with the confidence to cover their portraits without worrying what might be involved.

There are two wonderful portraits that define Vicky and Duncan’s personality perfectly. Look out for Vicky on a space hopper and Duncan flying through the air in the bouncy castle.

Knowle Country House Photography Wedding Portraits

Knowle Country House

The Breakfast Room

It is so important to make sure that Matthew or I get into the breakfast room before the wedding guests are invited to be seated. Knowle Country House Photography of the small details are so important to a guest. The choice of table flowers to the details on the wedding cake are all necessary to properly tell the story of day.

Knowle Country House Photography Wedding Breakfast

Knowle Country House

Wedding Speeches

After the ceremony I consider the speeches to be the most important part of Knowle Country House Photography. I have a great deal of experience in telling the story of the day through the speeches.

Normally the Father of the Bride is the first to stand up and speak. Vicky’s Father did not feel comfortable speaking. The only speaker was Duncan who spoke on behalf of everyone. It was a lovely and heartfelt account of how they both met and being so blessed wit the joy Vicky had brought to his life.

Despite not planning on speaking Vicky’s Father said a few impromptu words at the end of Duncan’s speech. It was a touching couple of minutes.

Knowle Country House Photography Wedding Speeches

Knowle Country House

First Dance & Cake Cutting

There are wedding cakes and there are wedding cakes. The beautiful detail of Vicky and Duncan’s Knowle Country House Photography of the cake was definitely a special moment. Take a look at the beautiful cake they had made for them.

The bride and groom traditional take to the dance floor for their first dance. The couple decided to have a little fun and chose to dance to their football teams favourite anthem.

Knowle Country House Photography Wedding Cake and Dance

Knowle Country House


The wedding party quickly joined Vicky and Duncan on the dance floor for their Knowle Country House Photography. I do enjoy this part of the evening when everyone let’s their hair down and enjoys a good dance.

Knowle Country House Photography Wedding Disco