Inner Temple Photography


Photographed by Nicholas Hill

Jane and David's Wedding

“I consider Inner Temple Wedding Photography to be one of the finest wedding venues in London at which to get married. I have had the privilege of covering many weddings over the years here. Jane and David’s wedding is a great example of how this venue is a perfect year round venue. It works perfectly if the weather is good or bad, especially in the winter months during which the hours of daylight are short.”

Jane & David's Thoughts


From the engagement shot to the last shot on our big day Nick pitched everything perfectly. Neither of us like being photographed but Nick knew exactly how to put us at ease and capture candid, natural shots. The end results were fantastic and so many people have commented on them. We can’t praise or recommend Nick highly enough! In fact, one of the bridesmaids thought he was so good she booked him for her wedding!

Getting Ready

Wedding Details

It is so important for my Inner Temple Wedding Photography to capture the finer details of the day as well at the bigger moments we all expect. The flowers, rings, and even the choice of socks can be equally worthy of a thoughtful photograph. I tend to put time into setting up the rings as well as ensuring that nothing important is missed.

Inner Temple Photography Wedding Details

Bridal Preparation

The Bride

Like most brides Jane chose to get ready in the Drawing Room. The space it offers is really unrivalled for bridal prep and a one of reasons why the Inner Temple really is a hidden gem. I like to arrive early with the bridal party in order to get to know everybody in good time. I start by photographing the details as this gets people used to be being around before I start photographing them getting ready.

Jane was very keen to keep everything and candid and documentary as possible. We tend to work like this for 95% of the day. The advantage of the Drawing Room is the size allows me to work using longer lenses which becomes a lot less intrusive.

Jane’s wedding outfit had such a beautiful vintage feel and very in keeping with the rest of the wedding theme. It was lovely to have enough time to photograph some formal pictures with the bridesmaids and her parents.

Inner Temple Photography Bridal Prep

Groom Preparation

The Groom

In the morning it is common for Matthew my second photographer to spend a couple of hours with the Groom in the run up to the ceremony. We tailor the photography to the needs of the couple.

The Inner Temple is great at being able to cater to the Groom being able to get ready downstairs well away from the bride.

On the morning my second photographer joined David and his groomsmen at one of the many local bars for breakfast and a few pre-wedding drinks. From there the boys headed over to the Inner Temple from where Matthew was able to spend time photographing them as finished off getting ready with buttonholes.

Inner Temple Photography Groom Prep

Temple Church

The Ceremony

The Inner Temple is directly located next to the famous Temple Church. I consider this to be one of the finest and lesser know churches in London. Being shielded away from the main streets it remains very quiet.

Robin Griffith-Jones is the Master of the Temple and as Reverend of the church conducted all the wedding ceremonies I have covered at the Inner Temple. It is always a joy to listen to him and his unique style and friendly temperament sets him apart.

Jane and David elected to have the chorister perform which is always a treat to listen to the acoustics inside the church. If your wedding at Inner Temple is during December then you will be able to marvel at the enormous Christmas Tree that adorns the entrance.

When photographing weddings inside the Temple Church it is a great benefit to work in a team of two photographers. The church is very large with complete access down both sides of the aisle. I really enjoy working at the church due to the excellent light levels and creative possibilities it presents.

Inner Temple Photography Wedding Ceremony

Inner Temple

The Reception

Depending on the time of year it is possible to host your reception within the gardens of the Inner Temple. Alternatively you can choose to host it indoors with the wonderfully grand Parliament Chamber.

The Parliament Chamber is a spacious room capable of accommodating over 100 people with ease. Typically Matthew will cover your champagne reception whilst I focus on portraits and the formal group shots.

It is worth noting that it is possible to take a group picture of all your guests from whilst outside the church facing up to one of the upper Inner Temple windows from which we can capture the aerial shot.

We like to capture a mixture of candid and informal groups during the reception. Often we will get asked to take pictures of couple of families who would like their picture from the day. We make all these available to the couple in order that they might share them with their guests afterwards.

Inner Temple Photography Wedding Reception

Inner Temple

The Formals

There are several places from which we position your formal wedding photographs. For my Inner Temple Photography I like to utilise the courtyard if the weather is nice and everyone is outside. If everyone is inside then typically I will use the Luncheon Room for your formal portraits. Whilst the formals can seem a little, well formal they are important especially to parents and grandparents. These days it becomes harder and harder to get everyone together whilst dressed up. I am often asked to take a picture of all the guests, the best way is from one of the upper windows whilst overlooking the courtyard outside the Temple Church.

Inner Temple Photography Wedding Formals

Inner Temple

The Portraits

Working on my Inner Temple Photography I am always drawn to the varied and interesting surroundings. The rectory gardens are the perfect setting for any couple looking to capture beautiful and natural portraits. In May the Wisteria is at its peak and makes for a beautiful background for any portrait. I like to ensure that the portraits are also storytelling. I think it is so important to provide portraits that show the context in which they were taken. Portraits that show the bride and groom with the wonderful architecture buildings in the background work perfectly to tell your story.

Inner Temple Photography Wedding Portraits

Inner Temple

The Breakfast Room

One of the big attractions for getting married at Inner Temple is the grandeur of The Inner Temple Hall. The rich wood panelling and large arch windows makes every guest feel special. There is a full length viewing gallery at the far end of the hall from which Inner Temple Photography captures everything from above providing a very different perspective. The great hall features a stunning rich tapestry of coats of arms. The room once filled with decorated tables and chairs become a venue worthy of any banquet. We like to ensure we capture all the details. At Christmas there is a grand christmas tree that adorns the far end corner of the hall.

Inner Temple Photography Wedding Breakfast

Inner Temple

Wedding Speeches

For me working as a Inner Temple Wedding Photographer I find the speeches are a very special opportunity to capture the moments and reactions perfectly. A set great wedding speeches will produce tears, laugher, and a little well placed embarrassment at the grooms expense. Working with a second photographer allows me to ensure that I can focus on the top table whilst Matthew captures the reactions of the guests. The Inner Temple Hall has a very flexible layout that allows for the tables to be arrange in an array of different configurations.

Inner Temple Photography Wedding Speeches

Inner Temple

First Dance & Cake Cutting

In the evening I am of the opinion that The Inner Temple Hall becomes even more grand. It is very easy to appreciate the warmth of the wood panelling. I ensure that the lighting we use at night complements the ambience of the occasion and we are able to capture the romance whilst still ensuring the bride and groom are perfectly illuminated. I do enjoy the tradition of the Father and Daughter dance too.

Inner Temple Photography Wedding Cake and Dance

Inner Temple


Inner Temple Wedding Photography benefits from staying a little later into the evening. It allows us to capture the joy of everyone letting their hair down and having a good dance. We have enjoyed DJ’s, bands, and even ceilidh dancing in the Inner Temple Hall. There is something very special about live music. The acoustics of the hall are perfectly suited to a band.

Inner Temple Photography Wedding Disco

Inner Temple

Photo Booth

Our Photo Booth is a great accompaniment to any evening celebrations. It is fits in perfectly just outside the entrance to the of Inner Temple Hall and allows your guests to have a huge amount of fun. Our setup means thats many people can use it. It is perfect for pictures with school friends.

Inner Temple Photography Wedding Photo Booth