Hop Farm Photography


Photographed by Nicholas Hill

Kelly & Scott’s Wedding

My name is Nicholas Hill and I have provided Kent Hop Farm Photography for many years now. The venue is beautifully located in the heart of the Kent countryside. The wedding venue is nestled in the heart of the Hop Farm. The beautiful oast building is a unique venue at which to get married. The outside gardens are beautifully manicured and look sensational in the summer sun.

Getting Ready

Wedding Details

I like to begin my Kent Hop Farm Photography by focusing on the wedding details. Kelly had clearly put a lot of thought into her choice of wedding dress and bridal shoes. The detail and colour schemes of the flowers also matched beautifully. I take my time photographing each item for the bride.

Hop Farm Kent Photography Bridal Prep

Bridal Preparation

The Bride

I arrived at Kelly’s parents house early. I always make sure that my Kent Hop Farm Photography is not rushed by spending a couple of hours with the bridal party before they depart.

Kelly and her bridesmaids were getting ready in a spacious area downstairs. The room had been specially cleared out to accommodate the wedding party.
The weather was fantastic and with the backdoors open I was able to position myself in the garden.

I like to ensure that I focus my attention on the bride during the final stages of hair and makeup to capture the most flattering and beautiful pictures. I also spend time candidly taking storytelling pictures of the bridal party busily going about their day.

Hop Farm Kent Photography Bridal Prep

Groom Preparation

The Groom

The groom is always the domain of my second photographer Matthew. We like to begin the groom’s Kent Hop Farm Photography with the button holes. If there is time Matthew also likes to take the groom and groomsmen outside for portraits.

Scott had borrowed a friends very fast and powerful Mercedes sports car. It was important to Scott to get portraits with the car. Matthew job is to ensure he gets all the photography the groom requires. The rest the time we will ensure we are storytelling as the groom greets their guests.

Hop Farm Kent Photography Groom Prep

Hop Farm Kent

The Ceremony

Kelly travelled to the wedding venue in a vintage wedding car provided as a surprise by her Father. I like to ensure I leave 15 minutes before the bride to ensure that the Kent Hop Farm Photography is setup and ready by the time the wedding car arrives.

Kelly arrived in plenty of time and I was able to capture some beautiful pictures. Whilst Kelly is meeting with the registrar I will go and take my place at the ceremony. I make sure to say hello to the groom and ensure everything is okay.

Kelly was escorted down the aisle by her Father and they booth looked so happy. Matthew was positioned at the back of the ceremony where he was able to photograph the reaction of the groom as he saw his beautiful bride for the first time.

The Gazebo at Kent Hop Farm Photography is beautifully decorated and lined with white drapes. The ceremony was magical under the cover of the gazebo. The couple were shielded from the strength of the midday sun and with a lovely soft breeze it was extremely comfortable.

Hop Farm Kent Photography Wedding Ceremony

Hop Farm Kent

The Reception

After the ceremony was over the couple walked back down the aisle to the throws of confetti from their wedding guests. Kelly and Scott immediately went for a drive in their wedding car. It is nice for a couple to spend a little time together before joining their Kent Hop Farm Photography reception.

As the weather was great everyone took full advantage of the sun and drank their champagne outside. There is a lovely covered area that provides shelter from the strong sun when needed. Matthew and I took our time to circulate amongst the guests taking pictures.

It is really important for our storytelling to take as many candid pictures of the guests enjoying themselves. I find these are the pictures couples love to enjoy after the wedding is over.

Hop Farm Kent Photography Wedding Reception

Hop Farm Kent

The Formals

When the weather is good nobody wants to be indoors for their Kent Hop Farm Photography. It is important that the bridal party feel very comfortable when having their formal portraits. I needed to ensure that the guests would be shielded from the sun to keep them cool and prevent squinting.

I identified a beautiful willow tree that would provide perfect shade for everyone. I provided the ushers with additional copies of the groups required and enlisted their help in rounding people up on my behalf. It saves valuable time and gave Kelly and Scott much more time with their guests.

Hop Farm Kent Photography Wedding Formals

Hop Farm Kent

The Portraits

As a Kent Hop Farm Photographer we are spoilt for choice with such beautiful grounds. The sun was too bright during the day and Kelly and Scott wanted to wait to have their portraits later in the evening.

Sometimes it is possible to get out for the last hour of sunlight, unfortunately the timings for Kelly and Scott meant that the sun had gone behind the clouds by the time we got outside.

Despite the cloud cover we still produced some beautiful portraits and I images that Kelly and Scott will be able to look back on in years to come.

Hop Farm Kent Photography Wedding Portraits

Hop Farm Kent

The Breakfast Room

The breakfast details are an important part of out Kent Hop Farm Photography. Matthew will typically wait until the room in complete before photographing them. These little attentions to detail are the personal choices of the bride and groom.

I like to ensure that we capture the beauty of the room and tables before the wedding party is invited to sit down. Often the bride and groom do not get to see the room before the breakfast and these pictures tell an important part of the story.

Hop Farm Kent Photography Wedding Breakfast

Hop Farm Kent

Wedding Speeches

Kelly and Scott were keen to have the their wedding speeches immediately before the wedding breakfast. I tend to find that the Kent Hop Farm Photography works well this way. It allows those speaking to then enjoy the wedding breakfast without the fear of speaking afterwards.

With out coverage I will tend to focus on those speaking and the top table for their reactions. Matthew is responsible for moving around the room and capturing the pictures of the wedding guests as they laugh and cheer.

Hop Farm Kent Photography Wedding Speeches

Hop Farm Kent

First Dance & Cake Cutting

I love the ambience of Kent Hop Farm Photography in the evening. The cake cutting was moved to the middle of the room. It enables more people to watch as Kelly and Scott cut the cake.

The bride and groom elected for a very traditional cake cut followed immediately by their first dance. I ensured the their beautifully illuminated LOVE sign featured as much as I could during the first dance.

Hop Farm Kent Photography Wedding Cake and Dance

Hop Farm Kent


During the evening Matthew and I take turns in covering the dance floor. We find that as people have a few drinks and let their hair down they make their way to the dance floor.

It is always good fun staying till later in the day to ensure we tell a full and complete story. We are always ready to capture those funky moves that your wedding guests like to make!!

Hop Farm Kent Photography Wedding Disco