Eastwell Manor Photography


Photographed by Nicholas Hill

Eva & Sam’s Wedding

My name is Nicholas Hill and Eastwell Manor Photography is one of my local venues. I live just 10 minutes from the venue and have covered many beautiful weddings at this grand Neo-Elizabethan Manor House. Eastwell is set in 3000 acres of grounds and features several beautifully manicured gardens.

Eastwell Manor Photography benefits from both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony options. In the summer there is no place more beautiful than the outdoor gazebo for any bride and groom to consider getting married.

Getting Ready

Wedding Details

I always start my Eastwell Manor Photography by focusing on the wedding bridal details. I like to arrive in plenty of time to make sure I do the wedding dress, shoes, and flower justice.

If the weather is good I like to take these outdoors to photograph them in the settings of the stunning grounds at Eastwell Manor.

Eastwell Manor Photography Bridal Prep

Bridal Preparation

The Bride

The bridal party has the choice of so many stunning suites to get ready in for their Eastwell Manor Photography. I joined Eva and her sister in plenty of time to ensure that as they got ready I was able to tell Eva’s story in detail.

The grand bathroom in the Parliament Room provided wonderful light for Eva’s makeup. I was amazed at the length of Eva’s hair. Apparently it has never been cut and as a Chinese traditional she would not cut it until their first child comes along.

Eastwell Manor Photography Bridal Prep

Groom Preparation

The Groom

Sam and his groomsmen were getting ready in another one of the suites at Eastwell Manor Photography was covered by my second wedding photographer Matthew. It is really important for us to ensure we tell the grooms story in the morning too.

The weather was fantastic and Matthew was able to take the groom and his groomsmen out side for some portraits on the grand steps at the back of the manor house.

Eastwell Manor Photography Groom Prep

Eastwell Manor

The Ceremony

The ceremony begins with the Eastwell Manor Photography starting on the grand staircase. I like to take pictures of the bride as she descends the stairs. The walk to the outdoor gazebo takes a few minutes and we are able to capture wonderful moments between Father and Daughter ad they make their way.

Matthew is concentrating on the Groom and as Sam waited patiently for his beautiful bride to arrive captured some candid moments of joy and nervousness.

The Gazebo at Eastwell Manor Photography is spacious and ensures the couple and their bridal party are shielded from the power of the sun. The soft light allows us to produce some stunning wedding ceremony pictures.

Eastwell Manor Photography Wedding Ceremony

Eastwell Manor

The Reception

When the weather is good then there is no place better be for Eastwell Manor Photography than outdoors with the wedding guests. As the guests mingle drinking champagne and eating Canapés Matthew will move around photographing these candid moments. The photography during the wedding reception produces great storytelling moments for the bride and groom to enjoy later.

Eastwell Manor Photography Wedding Reception

Eastwell Manor

The Formals

Eastwell Manor Photography has so many possibilities when it comes to the formals. For Eva and Sam we needed to make sure we could position the family and friends so as to shield them from the very strong sun.

Eastwell has several pathways that are tree lined. We used the shade of the trees to keep the guests comfortable. I also had use of the Master of Ceremonies. Jim Cattermole is one of the best we have had the pleasure of working with. Jim was able to round up the necessary guests to ensure we could complete the formal photography as efficiently and quick as possible.

Eastwell Manor Photography Wedding Formals

Eastwell Manor

The Portraits

Eva & sam opted to wait until after the wedding breakfast before having their Eastwell Manor Photography portraits. When the weather is great I am very happy to wait for the soft evening light.

If possible getting outside during the last hour of daylight in the summer months provides the very best light in which to have your wedding portraits.

The wedding breakfast ran for longer than scheduled and we managed to get outside in time for the last 10 minutes of sun. The portraits are beautifully warm in colour.

Eastwell Manor Photography Wedding Portraits

Eastwell Manor

The Breakfast Room

The wedding breakfast room at Eastwell Manor Photography is a grand wood panelled room. There are several very large windows that let in a lot of light making the photography well lit and looking great.

It is important for us as photographers to be able to get access to the wedding breakfast room before the guests are invited to be seated. We like to tell the story of your wedding day by capturing the very details a couple have spent hours choosing.

Eastwell Manor Photography Wedding Breakfast

Eastwell Manor

Wedding Speeches

Eva & Sam chose to have speeches before the wedding breakfast began. By doing so Sam and his best men were able to get the speeches out the way before sitting down to eat.

Eastwell Manor Photography Wedding Speeches

Eastwell Manor

First Dance & Cake Cutting

Eastwell Manor Photography moves out of the country house in the evening and to a dedicated evening venue in the grounds. Eva had an evening costume she changed into. The cake cutting was immediate followed by a wonderfully choreographed first dance.

Eastwell Manor Photography Wedding Cake and Dance

Eastwell Manor


In the evening it is really nice to finished off the storytelling by spending time with the guests as they let their hair down for a good dance. Eva and Sam were even hoisted in hairs aloft. At Eastwell the ceilings were a little low for this which added to the excitement somewhat.

Eastwell Manor Photography Wedding Disco